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Aigerim Mambetova
Founder of Sweet Moon

Hello, my dear guests!
As far as I remember, I always had a sweet tooth. My interest in baking soon turned into a passion, and further on to my profession. My way in confectionery business started in 2017 by making and distributing honey cakes to cafes and restaurants in Chicago. Opening my own cafe was my dream, which I realized in 2021.
I am constantly improving, raising my qualifications, participating in seminars, getting additional education and broadening my sphere of experiences. I enjoy discovering new tastes and sharing them with my guests. I can sincerely say that is my lifework.
Our breakfast menu is unique and doesn't have analogues in Chicago. The dessert line and breakfasts are updated regularly, to provide the best tastes.
When developing the interior of the cafe, special attention was paid to the harmonious environment, as well as the creation of a cozy atmosphere and a high level of comfort. So come visit us and enjoy”.

Our mission is to bring happy emotions to people by providing the most delicious desserts. We love our work and approach it with a soul
We are waiting for you
1964 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60640